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you and your friend decide one day you want to become super heroes. queer super heroes ! not only you save people from villains, but you also educate them on queer  history, laws, people...

the goal is to go from a being a local super hero to the savior of the universe by answering enough questions and be liked by the people you answer to.

NOTE: game jam project. not enough question card (40 on the 15/05/2017) or event cards. to be completely playable. the goal is to add some of them after the game jam

Go here if you have any ideas of question cards or event cards:


CategoryPhysical game
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TagsBoard Game, LGBT, Multiplayer, questions, Transgender


super quheeros.zip 601 kB

Install instructions

download the .zip and follow the instruction of the PDF called "super quheeros rules". your computer need to be able to read .zip, .pdf and .png  files.

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